Eintracht vs Limassol im Brazil

Hallo Eagles,

do anyone know how I can watch the Eintracht vs Limassol game in Brazil? I’m in the west of São Paulo and do not have the possibility to travel a lot due to work I need to perform there, but I don’t wanna miss the game. Always I’m traveling they win. 😁 DfB Final=Shanghai —> won; Semi-final 2016 and 2017 US —> won; so I believe they will win again. Eintracht, Eintracht, Eintracht. The great thing is even in Brazil they know and like Eintracht.
there will more than likely be online streams where you will be able to watch the game.
if you have to work during the game, you are able to watch the full game via re-live on eintracht tv
provided you have a subscription.

it is rather cheap, 6 month for 15€ or 12 month for 25€, check informations here https://www.eintracht.de/en/tv/
i believe its a great service for eintracht fans who live abroad.