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Hi dear Eintracht Frankfurt fans,

I recently became a member of Eintracht Frankfurt E.v, I have been following Eintracht since 2013 but since I moved to Frankfurt recently I decided to fully support my favorite team 🦅🥅⚽️.

I'm still learning German 🇩🇪  so I decided to write in English, however, I can understand German if you reply to me in this language. The question I have is regarding how to buy tickets in advance for Bundesliga or Europe League if there's any link? dates? Places?, I always heard on the news that tickets are already sold out, but I never heard anything about the sell of this tickets anywhere, also for the upcoming games, for example, Bayern or Borussia been member do I have the rights for pre-purchase? Can somebody explain to me, please?

Hello Rafael,

welcome to Frankfurt and the best Football Club in this part of the universe.

Information about Tickets is available here
As you can see, sale for the second half of this season started in November.

EuroLeage Tickets are sold out and will be hard if not impossible to purchase, generally Tickets for home games that are not being used by their owners are being sold via the Ticketbörse
Tickets will show up in the online Ticket Shop and of course also be available at Ticket shops listet here
As of now there are
130 Tickets available for Stuttgart
1200 for Augsburg
1 Hertha
and none for Mainz

Please do not purchase Tickets for any games at ebay or any second hand Ticket Agency.
Chances are, you will spend a lot of money for an invalid ticket.

If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask

Many thanks for your clear explanation