Watch the Europa League QF together In Bangkok


Kickoff is at local time:

Friday 12th April 2am

and the 2nd leg match is

Friday 19th April 2am.

If you are in Bangkok on either of those days, where do you intend to watch the matches?

Should we meet up in a bar somewhere to watch it together?

I'm checking around for some options like the penalty spot opposite Sukumvit Soy 20 and others. Will post updates here asap.
I will be at Bangkok for the second leg on the 18th. However, with closure times as they are now, I don't know of any public location that will be open for sure and show the match from 2am to 4am.
Hi everybody.

Problem in this country of Thailand is that hrs have to close at 1 am. We play Benfica at 2 am. I talked to a couple of German bars in Bangkok and some Thai bars as well.

The best choose is to meet in my own pizzeria / board game store and get a livestream over internet.

Edit: *choice