Die Rückkehr des Pokals – Der Film (English Version in Edinburgh)

Edinburgh Adler have arranged with the club for a showing of this film on Saturday 25 May.
It will be the newly produced English version rather than a subtitled version.

Any Scottish or UK based fans would be more than welcome to come along.
It's on at 11am at the Cameo Cinema in central Edinburgh. We'll be enjoying a few drinks after with the Scottish and German cup finals being played later that day.

We have around 35 people coming so far who have paid towards the screen hire at the cinema and hopefully some more will come along.

"Edinburgh Adler" Facebook page has all the details. Even if unable to attend, feel free to share to friends.

The Eintracht Media team indicated they would come over to the event - more details on that to come.
Next year: Eintracht european cup glory movie.
I look forward to that

Over 60 people have now paid and we've now covered the full cost of the screen hire.
We will keep trying to get more people to come along in the next month and should be a great occasion.

Eintracht are getting a huge amount of attention this season.

Lot's more important games to keep building on that!
Watched the movie yesterday. Over 90 people paid to attend. Cinema costs easily covered and we made a lot of money for a local charity also.

Lots of great feedback from everyone about how much they enjoyed it. It was a really well made film - the match itself obviously helped a lot!!

I’m sure we now have a good few more Eintracht fans in Edinburgh.