Eintracht - Chelsea in Las Vegas

I currently in Las Vegas with a group of friends. Since on Thursday the Euroleague half final game is on, I would like to know what is the place to watch this game here in Las Vegas? Does anybody know? I don‘t think that there will be a Frankfurt Fan Bar here in Vegas but maybe somebody know a good place where they show all German soccer games or the Euroleague games.

I hope somebody can help us because we want to avoid to watch the game with 10 people in front of a 14‘‘ notebook.

Best regards
I would expect The Crown & Anchor to be screening it providing it's available from one of their regular TV channels.
"all matches of the Europa League will be exclusive to paid streaming service B/R Live."

They should also be able to pick up non US channels - not sure if they get BT Sport 3 which is showing the game in the UK.

I'd message them to make sure. With Chelsea playing there should be a few English already been in contact with them to ask about the game.