Coming for a weekend

Hi all

Apologies if the translation is poor but hopefully you can help me. Myself and 7 friends are making the journey from Northern Ireland to Frankfurt for the weekend beginning 4th March. We have been looking for some football matches to attend while there. Our problem is we are struggling to get tickets for anywhere. We had hoped to attend the Sv Darmstadt match on the Friday but cannot obtain any tickets. We have also looked at the Wehen Wiesbaden on Saturday 5th but again cannot seem to find any tickets for it.

We all support a local club called Lisburn Distillery that only has around 400-500 supporters attending each match. Would there be a club around Frankfurt like this as we love when foreign supporters come over to watch us and really helps us financially?
We are coming this weekend would anyone be able to help please
To be honest I don't know anything about small clubs and also couldn't find any information via Google but the fourth divison is playing this weekend and there is a game in Mainz which isn't that far away if you really to want to go to a match. It's TSV Schott Mainz vs FC 08 Homburg.
Again I don't know anything about these clubs and I don't know if the people there are friendly or not but that's my only idea. You have to be vaccinated to go to the match and you have to wear a mask the whole time.
I also found a website where you can buy tickets for the match if you're interested: