What about Jones?

There is also another english speaking player in the team who, in my opinion, is very underapreciated both by fans and management.

In the matches I have seen "J. Jones" always seems to be on the substitutes list until things are not working and then, when he finally gets onto the pitch, he wrks hard helping to set up chances.
Am I his only fan??
Hello Ray,
you may be not the only fan of J.J. (Jermaine Jones) but I guess that there are still much more fans of Augustine "Jay Jay" Okocha

Maggo told much of the story - Pawel Kryszalowicz and Chen Yang are now the top forwards of Eintracht Frankfurt. For the time being Jermaine Jones tends to be a valuable substitute - I well remember the matches Eintracht-Reuttlingen and Eintracht-Schweinfurt when things turned in favour of Frankfurt after Jones getting on the pitch.

Best regards to Griesheim (?),

Sorry Ray, the name J.Jones may indicate he is english speaking, but he´s not. He is a player in the german under 21-national team. His mother is german and his father served in american military. He is born in frankfurt