Friendly match against Leeds United

Hello from Leeds!

Just wondered if any Eintracht fans will be travelling to Salzburg to watch the friendly against Leeds United on 21st July?
I doubt there will be too many for a midweek game unfortunately- couple of hundred maybe.

Shame it's not Leeds at the weekend and Fulham during the week.
We'll probably take 300-400 I would have thought, got a trip to Norway as well which will split the number going to each venue. Will you send a good team do you think or a lot of the reserves and youngsters?
Hi Vispo,

I will not be able to make it to Austria to watch the game. Too bad. I think it's great that two former clubs of striker legend Anthony Yeboah battle it out. The good news is that the match will be streamed both on EintrachtTV and LUTV.

I guess Eintracht will take the match seriously. The starting line-up will probably consist of the regulars. I assume reserve players might get on-pitch action in the second half, but not from the beginning. SGE forward Alexander Meier (Bundesliga's top scorer last season) is injured, unfortunately. He will not be able to compete.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the match.

Best regards,
~ Hammersbald