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Just had a quick look.
You are able to enter your Mastercard/Visa info in you account of the ticket portal.
There are time limits for payment methods for a match day but I don't know exactly the rules for them. Just enter your card info and try.
I always pay using PayPal and it works fine for me.
Thank you very much for the responses.  Yes i am now able to change my method of payment in the settings for my account. So now I just wait for a ticket to appear
get back to the ticket shop from time to time. Tickets which are i given back are displayed there and if you are lucky, you look at the right time.
Fingers crossed!
thanks for the response!  yes I will continue to check.  

there was just a ticket available but i was unable to buy it because I could not use Pay Pal for some reason and I can't figure out how to use a credit card.  other than paypal the only option is a choice called SEPA.

according to google translate that seems to mean a debit card. are you not able to pay by credit card? I tried to change my "zahlungsarten" or payment method for my log in but can't figure it out.  under SEPA the fields say IBAN*, BIC* and Deine Bank.  Is that credit card information? very vervirrt! )
Hello.  I will be in Frankfurt in March and would like to attend the match vs Monchengladbach on Sunday the 15th.  Unfortunately it is the only match in the online ticketshop for which no tickets are available.
Is it possible that more tickets will go on sale at some point? Maybe from the Ticketborse? I only need one!
Thanks for any guidance.