Eintracht Frankfurt Season 2018/2019

I think it's time to start a season thread for any English speakers. As there isn't too much going on in other English threads, let's start a general discussion about the Eagles here.

I'll begin with saying that Eintracht Frankfurt currently have what is potentially the strongest attack and offensive squad in the league. Rebic, Kostic, Gacinovic, Jovic, and Haller are representing pure "angst" for any opponent's defense right now.

The whole team actually is starting to show class. Adi Huetter's football is taking shape. The 7-1 against Duesseldorf  won't be a one-off. And consider this: It happened even without World Cup finalist Ante Rebic. Potentially, the greatest thing about this is that we can rotate so players won't get exhausted.

Eintracht had a bit of a wobbly start, but now that things are stabilising I am almost certain that we will see results like this more often. The SGE has started stunning both fans and the league.

Keep up the good work! Go, Eagles!