a-levels @scoop

hi scoop

what about ure a-levels???? did you get it back??? or is it still getting corrected???? please inform me!!

EFC At least two make mood here

stinger   Am I president of this club?!??!?!
Hey stinger,
Thanks for asking! But you revealed, that you're still green behind your ears
I will change this: First of all you write your test. Than the teacher of you're school will correct the tests. Because of it's importance it will take a little more time than a normal test. After this correction, the tests go to another corrector from another school, you don't know. so you get another mark. The last mark is made by a third person, and this is the final one! So we get our results round about the 20th of June. And until then, we know nothing.
Did you understand? Fine!
Know, if I'll get to know more, I will inform you


EFC at least two make mood here (why should you be president? I'm the leader )
well i know that it takes a long time to correct these tests, dont call me green behind my ears again!!!!!
well, ure again damn right that im not the president, i watched in the older thread, löl!!!!! i got weird (plz correct me, if i can't say this!!! smile: with the EFC Erbarme.....your neighbour is coming      sorry anyways

greetz stinger

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