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Der Text aus dem Real Madrid Museum zum Endspiel von 1960:
People are still debating wehter the 1960 final was the best gane in the history of this competition. It was certainly the one with the most goals, ten, which delighted the more than one hundred thirty five thousand spectators present in Glasgow's Hamden Park. Eintracht was reckoned to be the favorite and people were predicting the end of a glorious era for the Spanish champion. which had eliminated the Jeunesse, Nice and Barcelona. The Germans startet by scoring after four minutes, but Puskas and Di Stefano began their goal scoring and changed the course of the game. Between the two they scored seven goals, produceing that historic result 7-3) which rounded off an anrepeatable cycle in the history of European soccer. Five consecutive finals, five victorious finals. An achievment that will be very difficult for any other club to copy.

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5:1 gegen Lautern und 6:3 Reutlingen
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Lajos Detari, Doktor Hammer
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50 Punkte und Tabellenplatz 7-8