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I was wondering if I could get some assistance with getting tickets for the game on the 02Nov vs Bayern.

I’ve purchased tickets in the past as I try and see at least 1 game a year.

Seems like they have finally scheduled the game for 02Nov but seems like there are some maintenance issues with the ticket purchase flow .....

Any idea when we will get the website up and running so we can purchase tickets for games..

They were sold out over a month ago. Club members took up the available allocation and there was no public sale.

It's a different sales process for that game.
Watched the movie yesterday. Over 90 people paid to attend. Cinema costs easily covered and we made a lot of money for a local charity also.

Lots of great feedback from everyone about how much they enjoyed it. It was a really well made film - the match itself obviously helped a lot!!

I’m sure we now have a good few more Eintracht fans in Edinburgh.
I would expect The Crown & Anchor to be screening it providing it's available from one of their regular TV channels.
"all matches of the Europa League will be exclusive to paid streaming service B/R Live."

They should also be able to pick up non US channels - not sure if they get BT Sport 3 which is showing the game in the UK.

I'd message them to make sure. With Chelsea playing there should be a few English already been in contact with them to ask about the game.

I look forward to that

Over 60 people have now paid and we've now covered the full cost of the screen hire.
We will keep trying to get more people to come along in the next month and should be a great occasion.

Eintracht are getting a huge amount of attention this season.

Lot's more important games to keep building on that!
Cameo Kino Edinburgh, Schottland am 25. Mai um 11:00.
Auf Englisch.

Mitglieder/Dauerkarteninhaber - kostenlos Eintritt

Info: Facebook "Edinburgh Adler"
Edinburgh Adler have arranged with the club for a showing of this film on Saturday 25 May.
It will be the newly produced English version rather than a subtitled version.

Any Scottish or UK based fans would be more than welcome to come along.
It's on at 11am at the Cameo Cinema in central Edinburgh. We'll be enjoying a few drinks after with the Scottish and German cup finals being played later that day.

We have around 35 people coming so far who have paid towards the screen hire at the cinema and hopefully some more will come along.

"Edinburgh Adler" Facebook page has all the details. Even if unable to attend, feel free to share to friends.

The Eintracht Media team indicated they would come over to the event - more details on that to come.
Tor gefaerlich......und rote Karte gefaerlich.
4 dieses Saison.

ein verrückter Typ

Hi friends,

Second summer training camp this year will be again in Gais.
As last year, my son and i will be there to write daily training reports for the forum.

Is there any interest to have the english version of training the reports - or at least a summary of them - posted in this section of the forum?

If so, please let me know by posting your interest here or via pn.

I'd be keen to read these Wiener.

Hi visiting London under the semifinal. I s there any Place to watch this game? Thx!
Many bars have BT Sport which is showing the game but Man United play at the same time so you would need to persuade someone to give up a screen if they can show 2 games at once

Famous three kings will definitely be showing it

This place also says they screen Bundesliga
Just keep them handy in the unlikely event the tickets are checked on your train/s
Hi, thanks for the help. Our flight to Frankfurt is due in at 11am so we were thinking of jumping on a train to Frankfurt Sud and going for a drink in Sachsenhausen before the game, before heading towards the stadium. Is that where most fans go, pre match?
Not so much before the game so I'd suggest leaving it until after as you'd be going a fair bit out the way. Good atmosphere down there at night.

From Stadion bahnhof up to the stadium there are plenty beer stalls where there will be a load of fans drinking. Also a few places to get something to eat if required. Better off drinking outside the stadium where there's a choice of drinks at decent prices compared to inside.

If you prefer the pub thing prior to heading to the stadium, then get off the train at the main station and have a few beers around there - avoiding the Irish Bar of course.

There's plenty within 2 minutes walk of the station and you'd have the choice of sbahn or tram back to the stadium - free travel all day for you with your football tickets.

How do you find the travel voucher when you have got print at home tickets, as can't seem to find the link which is listed as - RMV-Zugangscode bestätigen

You'll see it in the small print at the top section of the ticket in the paragraph in small print under the RMV logo.

Ihr RMV-Zugangscode lautet: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (x's is your code)
Great result yesterday considering we got the winner when down to 10 men. The type of result that is the difference between being in the top and bottom half of the league.

Another goal for Haller is a great sign.

I see Kovac wasn't happy with criticism at Eintracht's start to the season. 3 points is the best way to shut people up!!
Well, it was a win against Köln, but I can't say I enjoyed it. Offensively SGE is way too passive. Kovac said before the match that he is going to change tactics from the previous game. Honestly I didn't see much of that, only the formation on the pitch was different.
Eintracht were way too negative towards the end almost inviting Cologne to have the ball and attack. Lucky they were too poor to take advantage.

It's not a bad start to the season though with wins at Gladbach and Cologne. Losing at home to Augsburg takes the shine off it of course.

Good to see Haller get a goal. His general play is excellent but he needs to be sharper in the box.

Only 5 games in for him and a lot of new players so its still early days but there are encouraging signs in my view.

I purchased tickets for the game on the 03Nov and credit card was charged accordingly, can someone please provide me the link to Print@home so I can print these tickets.

I sent an email to  info@eintrachtfrankfurt.de and was advised to sign into my account and ...
.....On the homepage in your „Bestellhistorie“ you can print out your tickets.

Cannot find it ....

Please assist.

eintracht125 schrieb:
want you buy the shirt in the online shop or do you live in the near of frankfurt

Your English is so good, that makes you nobody quick after!  
There should be 2 small down arrows to the right of your username at the top of the page when you are logged in

click there and you will see "Bestelluebersicht" there and once you click that it should give option for tickets drucken (or similar) if they are ready for printing.
I agree he looks promising but goals are what counts. I thought he took one touch too many before hitting the bar in Freiburg. He also should have scored the header on Saturday but was unlucky to hit the inside of the post and not go in. His touch and general play is impressive of course.

Hopefully a few more games will help the new guys settle in and the team can build an understanding. I'd also like to think that Boateng fits into Kovac's idea of how the team should play rather than having to change anything just to accommodate one player.....on a big salary.

I still remain confident that things are looking OK for the season. Hopefully the Gladbach game brings us more luck...and a good celebration afterwards in Duesseldorf Altstadt .

No such problems in Scotland and UK. BT Sport will again show most if not all Friday evening, Saturday evening and both Sunday games live. The new Monday games should also be shown.

The only restriction is that it has never been possible to show any games live - from any country including UK - that clash with the traditional Saturday afternoon 15:00 kick off time in the normal football season.

15:30 Saturday Bundesliga games can still be watched though through Bet365 online.

I thought he was great last season, particularly when covering in the defence. I think his injury and missing 13 games was a big part of the change in results in the Rückrunde
Hinrunde - 29 points
Rückrunde - 13 points
Willems from PSV to sign tomorrow is the rumour...and the reason Oczipka was sold!

Great outcome in my view if it happens.