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So the good news is that I have a ticket for this match now. Is there anyone else on here going to this game? It would be cool to meet up with other fans before the match and share some beers!
The date and Time  should be fixed between 18 and 22 March.
Thanks..I guess it depends on the Europa League, if Inter get beaten then it will be definitely a Sunday afternoon kick off as it is the next match after the Quarter Final.

How do away fans normally travel to the matches? We are looking at staying in Frankfurt for the weekend and maybe driving/getting the train to Wolfsburg. Is there a special train for the fans?

Is someone able to help me out? Me and some friends are looking to go to the match in Wolfsburg in April. When will the DFB decide the kick-off time and date for this match?
Hi. Is the ticket still available for this game? I am coming to Frankfurt for the match but only if I can find a ticket first
Hi Welshman,

It was a good trip, however it was not a good result. Terrible defending from die Adler spoiled a good match. The highlight was being in the Frankfurt fans section next to the away end which was full of loud Adler fans. I have some nice pictures which I will put on here if I can work out how to do it!
Sorry to hear about your loss Welshman.

It is with great excitement that last week my tickets arrived for the game in Koln on the 8th March. We have 4 English Adler fans sitting next to the away section and will be cheering on the boys to a victory. If anyone else wants to join us for a beer in Koln over the weekend they would be most welcome
Hi Welshman

Normally I would be going to the match as Swansea is one of 5 EPL grounds I haven't been to yet. However I am flying back from holiday next Saturday so will have to be content with watching on TV.

Firstly apologies for my lack of German. Mein deutsch ist sehr schlect......

There is a group of 4 fans who have been educated in the ways of Eintracht Frankfurt. We visited the games v BMC (0:1) and v Schalke (3:3) in 2013 and fell in love with the club. Now we watch all the matches on the internet here in the UK and are part of the UK Eagles fan club.

We love the atmosphere and support at home matches but we would really love to join the fans for an away match. Would it be possible for 4 guys from the UK to get away tickets? I know the SGE fans travel well to matches. We are looking at the match vs Koln in March 2015


5-3 v Man united was the greatest match ever seen at the new stadium. Much better than today 2-2 vs Burnley! Made me happier to see die Adler beat the goats of Koln 3-2 with zwei tore from the Fussballgott.  
Sadly I think the good Europa cup season is messing up the bundesliga. Hopefully after Xmas things will start to get better
Hello all,

I have been reading this thread with interest over the last few weeks, as like Welshman I have adopted SGE as my second team. At the weekend 4 Leicester City fans made the trip to Frankfurt to watch the game v Schalke. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, we were on the back row near the Frankfurt standing section...the noise when Joselu made it 3:2 was incredible. It was sad we could not hang on for victory, but we had a great time anyway.

I know you are planning a trip to a game, Welshman. If you need any help with your planning feel free to ask.

For the future, I hope to go to an away match or even get into the standing area at home matches. If anyone can help that would be appreciated!